Thursday, September 30, 2010

ZL Ham Launched Today 27th September 2010

ZL Ham Launched Today 27th September 2010

I am pleased to announce the launch of ZL Ham, New Zealand's Premier Radio & Electronic Interest Group. If radio or electronics is your thing, this is the place for you.

ZL Ham provides a number of collaborative features:

Share your news stories with back end syndication.
Keep others up to date with online blogging.
Add authoritative data to online wiki data bases.
Discuss and share your project on our online forums.
Files, personal journal, web links and much more.

Create an account and help drive ZL Ham!

After several weeks setup ZL Ham, New Zealand's Premier Radio & Electronic Interest Group, has been launched. ZL Ham is a community portal focused on all things radio and electronic. A place for New Zealand radio & electronic enthusiasts to share and publish. The web site has many different aspects and features. It is based around open source software packages which allow users to publish news and reviews, discuss their hobby and to announce upcoming events. Users can Blog, discuss issues on the ZL Ham forums, add items of interest to our radio wiki and yes, we even have an online shop coming soon. Enter your musings into your own personal journal and stay abreast of upcoming events with our online calendar. Create your own menu so that you can use ZL Ham as your home page. You will have to see it to believe how much has been packed into one web site.

So drop by and let me know how I can help your special interest group promote radio & electronics's in New Zealand, number eight wire and all. Rather than create what I think should be on the web site I encourage you to have your say. I have added news and other items to show members what the web site is capable of and I encourage members to help drive the site. If you are passionate about your hobby then join in. I will do my best to assist where needed. The rest is up to you. Many can relate to my story. At 12 I used to listen to the short wave radio. A little later I started to tinker with electronics. CB radio followed by Ham radio followed by a career in electronic servicing and computers. I followed my dreams and after more than 30 years I am still passionate about radio and electronics.

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Help me rekindle that same dream with todays young people. Many are beginning to realize that the Internet, although great, just does not fill the same void as a serious hobby does. With so many aspects to radio & electronics there is something for those young people with drive and ambition. You to can enjoy the satisfaction of helping someone follow their dreams.

And you can not please all the people all the time...

This person thought he would respond to my invitation with this insult.

Graeme Nelson ZL2GDN

Hi Peter,

I just found your e-mail in my "Spam" folder, and ironically, it is spam.

That said, it is one of those rare spam e-mails that is of interest.

Also, I think you have mis-used the word "Premier" as your new group is neither the first nor the leading one (not yet, anyway).


Some people are born Lusers. Mr Nelson has been spanked more than once on the ZLHams Yahoo group for his Luser attitude.

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