Thursday, March 12, 2009

70cm Preamp

Low Noise UHF Preamplifier.

The circuit is pretty standard fair, common emitter, bipolar and uses all surface mount apart from the inductors. All the caps are 0603. One 0805 resistor (base bias) and one 1206 resistor (collector current). The transistor used is a BFG67.

Power is supplied through a feed through capacitor mounted on the copper plate on the top side of the small box and sealed from the outside with wax.

The local engineer tapped the holes for the N connectors. The case has a neoprein seal and hopefully the whole thing will be moisture proof.

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Adam said...

Dear Sir:

Read with interest your post on the ant. design. Can you send your email to me so that you can give me some ideas for my own construction?

Adam McLendon