Friday, December 14, 2007

Rig & Me

Here are a couple of pictures of my rig etc. My radio shack is in the back of a 6x9m double garage and it gets a bit cold in the winter. At least it gets me out of the house. The shack is also set up with a large electronics work bench and a desk for my computers.

As you can see I am a no neck front row forward and a little over weight now days. Most certainly I have a no neck attitide when it comes to people I do not like.

Guess I got a lot of that from my father.

I spent a lot of time with dad, from about 7 years of age, in the bush hunting pigs and goats. Often he would put down the gun and wade in umongst the dogs and finish them off with a knife. I can remember many times pulling into the pub car park with a pig on the bonnet. A rasberry & lemonade for me and of course I would always be beaming from ear to ear after the buzz of the hunt.

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